Written by a client of John’s, this post describes the Craniosacral Therapy experience first-hand.

I began massage therapy with John once i’d developed lower back pain. I was also suffering pain and tightness in my right hamstring that worsened after running. 

My back pain continued to worsen until I could barely put on my own shoes! John suspected the back pain was a transferred symptom caused by my tight hamstring. But, whilst continuing my treatment with John to alleviate the pain in my hamstring, I was referred for an MRI scan which found a bulged disc at the bottom of my spine – L5/S1 (see diagram below).

L5-S1 bulged disc

Since discovering this, John began Craniosacral Therapy focusing on the base of my spine, which I now undergo on a monthly basis. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Craniosacral Therapy, take a look at John’s previous post: ‘Craniosacral Therapy: What is it and what are the benefits?’ 

It creates the most surreal feeling. There isn’t a technical term I can use to accurately describe it – it feels as if my bones are reshuffling! I feel a lot of movement in my lower back during treatment, which I learned is an indication of tension in the tissue surrounding the craniosacral system. By relieving this tension, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid improves allowing the body to heal and rebalance itself.

After every session I feel an improvement. Any tightness is relieved and my back feels relaxed. I now rarely suffer with back pain and would recommend Craniosacral Therapy to anyone, whether it’s to treat back pain, or one of the many other conditions it can successfully treat. 

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