Massage therapy covers a range of different massage types, each aiming to relieve stress, tension, and pain across the body. One common type is a medical sports massage. In this article, we’re going to explain what a sports massage is, what the benefits are, and why you should have one.

What is a Medical Sports Massage? 

Taking part in physical activity can be hard on the body, leading to the build-up of stress and tension in the body’s tissues, as well as injuries like sprained or twisted joints. Sports massage uses deep, intense techniques such as stretching, compression, and toning to relieve pain and tension in injured muscle tissue.

Who are Medical Sports Massages for? 

Medical sports massages are most commonly utilised by professional athletes and those who regularly play sports. They are brilliant for both treating and preventing soft tissue and muscular injuries. Medical sports massages can also provide a range of benefits to those who do not play sports or take part in a great deal of physical exercise.

Reasons to Have a Medical Sports Massage:

Here are five benefits of having a sports massage – even if you don’t play sports:

  1. Relieve Muscle Pain and Tension

The main reason individuals seek out sports massage is to relieve pain and tension caused by physical activity – this is particularly helpful for professional athletes after taking part in competitions. Post-competition sports massages can help improve circulation and repair muscles, preventing muscle soreness and reducing the amount of recovery time needed.

  1. Injury Prevention

For athletes who compete, having a sports massage ahead of a competition can loosen the muscles and increase flexibility. Massage therapy not only aids the performance of professional athletes, but it also helps to prevent injuries often caused by overexertion of muscles.

  1. Injury Treatment/Rehab

For individuals with sports-related injuries, regular medical massages can aid the recovery of muscles and tissues, reducing the pain and tightness that comes with such injuries. Medical sports massages are also extremely beneficial to those dealing with long-term injuries. As well as alleviating pain and tension, frequent massages will help to strengthen muscles, reduce swelling and increase flexibility for a faster recovery.

  1. Relieve Stress

One of the factors known to cause muscle pain and tension is stress. Individuals who experience this kind of muscle pain and tension can also benefit from massage therapy – it’s not just about eliminating stress in the muscles! Engaging in a relaxing experience like a sports massage can help to alleviate tension across the entire body, soothe the mind, and relieve anxiety.

  1. Speed Up Recovery Time

Regular sports massages can help both athletes and amateurs speed up recovery time in-between training sessions. If you often suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, massage therapy can help to relieve muscle pain and tension and promote healing, so you’re not out of action for too long between training sessions.

  1. Improve Circulation, and more!

As mentioned previously, sports massages aren’t just beneficial to athletes. As well as relieving tension in the body’s tissues, massage therapy can also help improve circulation, boost lymphatic flow and flush out metabolic waste, keeping you healthy and active.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a seasoned gym-goer, there are plenty of benefits to having regular sports massages. For more information about the types of massage Home Massage & Body Therapies offers, get in touch!