Craniosacral therapy or cranial balancing is a non-invasive form of massage therapy that was developed by Osteopath, Dr John E. Upledger. The treatment provides a range of benefits for individuals of all ages and is often used alongside other healthcare services and complementary therapies. 

From providing a sense of calm after a traumatic birth to aiding the healing of chronic pain, we’re going to explore the benefits of craniosacral therapy for the entire body. 

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a method that uses a delicate touch to relieve tensions across the entire body.

Contrary to popular belief, craniosacral therapy doesn’t specifically refer to the massaging of the head. This is because the entire body functions as a whole, which means a symptom in one part of your body may be caused by an issue in another part of your body.

Depending on the area or symptom your practitioner is addressing, they will make gentle contact with your head, the base of your spine and other areas, including your neck, spinal column and feet.

Craniosacral therapy has been compared to talking therapy – just as a counsellor listens to your words, your practitioner will listen to your body and enable it to begin the healing process.

After a craniosacral therapy session, changes may occur in your body, mind and spirit – you may feel calm and energised, and you may become more self-aware. 

The Craniosacral System and Craniosacral Therapy: How Does it Work? 

The craniosacral system is made up of the membranes and fluid that protect the brain, spinal cord and attached bones. The stresses and strains of everyday life can cause tension in the craniosacral system and impede the performance of the central nervous system and other systems in the body.

Craniosacral therapy alleviates tension in the tissues surrounding the craniosacral system to improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and in turn, aid the body in its ability to heal and rebalance itself.

The Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy can provide relief of a range of symptoms, and, because of how gentle it is, individuals of all ages can benefit from the treatment.

Mothers and babies commonly receive craniosacral therapy; this may be during pregnancy to treat pregnancy-related problems like back pain and digestive issues, or after a problematic birth to release any fear or tension and rebalance both mother and baby.

There have also been various studies related to the benefits of craniosacral therapy for those on the autistic spectrum, with findings showing a greater efficiency of nervous system processing and a decrease in sensory processing issues, among other benefits.

Craniosacral therapy is best utilised alongside other treatments prescribed by your GP and can help address a range of conditions across the body. Some of these include:

  • Digestive issues, like IBS or constipation
  • Dizziness/vertigo
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Infections such as UTIs or sinus infections
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress-related conditions
  • Scoliosis
  • Fibromyalgia

If you’re suffering from a particular health condition and looking for a non-invasive way of alleviating associated symptoms, craniosacral therapy is a great option. For more information about the craniosacral therapy and cranial balancing therapies we offer, please feel free to get in touch.